Writing Practice



Jessica woke up with a start: she saw Jimmy captured in a?rebellion and tortured to death in the dream. She could not?help crying?and blamed herself for not persuading her bellicose fiancé out of this dispute. She really hope they could return to the antebellum way of life, not this society full of belligerence.

September 09, 2017


He could not believe that?this pact was shattered without any sign. Now he had to pacify the angry demonstrators using violence. He had thought himself to be a pacifist who could appease his own anger by sacrificing individual benefits.

September 10, 2017


Jessica locked herself in the cleaning room to avoid becoming a hostage and facing these inhospitable intruders directly. This was?her first day working in this hospice which had been?a hostel for young travellers?. She cannot figure out why these people smash such a place.

September 11, 2017


Mrs Dursley was enamoured of the surroundings of this new house, especially the relations of her two neighbours. Mr Hughes and Mrs White seemed?amicable to each other in front of others, but Mrs Dursley guess they are paramours. Nothing could escape her sharp eyes and sensitive ears. Her entering to this neighbourhood was inimical to the privacy of surrounding families.

September 12, 2017


Criminology is the study of crime and criminals. Some acts which were regarded as crime in the old days are decriminalized by many countries in these days, such as homosexuality or public nudity. Technology envovlement help people change their moral views in many ways and also improve the approaches to get incriminating evidences. For instance, cameras and surveillance help traffic police find the side with major responsibility therefore reduce the rate of recrimination?from both sides.

September 13, 2017


A few days ago, the ongoing press conference?signalled?public approbation for Officer Hopps’s achievement in the latest “night howlers” case. However, for now,?she?is still struggling to disprove the unconvincing predatory biological cause. Her probity?does?not allow her to make this conclusion and hurts her friend who helped her a lot in this case. She also?does?not believe Mayor?Leodore could be the?reprobate.

September 14, 2017


On May 12, 2008, the entire country showed gravitas to those who had died in?the severest earthquake. In the heart place of the earthquake, the?thick cloud hung in the air for a gravid moment before pouring down. All the creatures and building on the land vibrated with the frequency of the earth, suddenly, gravitated to the earth. People there even did not have time to think the gravity of the situation.

September 15, 2017


In old China society, giving birth to a boy could elevate the status of a female in the whole family. In rich family, boys?provided?leavening at the family reunion. In?poor family, boys could alleviate the tensions between wife and her mother-in-law. Even though boys were spoiled by females in the family, they were banned to have levity in front of male elders.

September 16, 2017


Pacify usually involves armed action to soothe anger or agitation. For example, unable to calm the growing crowd, he finally ordered the police to pacify the area by force.

Appease, however, involves giving something that causing someone’s anger to satisfy their mood. For example, there was nowhere for miles where he could appease his intense nicotine craving. In this example, he could satisfy himself by smoking, thus appease is the proper word. Another example that could cause confusion is that her soft lullabies could always pacify the unhappy infant.?Her soft lullabies are not something cause the baby unhappy, therefore the infant may not be satisfied by the lullabies.

Alleviate is used to lighten, lessen or relieve physical or mental suffering, such as pain or anxiety. For example, she attempted to alleviate his anxiety by convincing him he wasn’t to blame. In this example, appease is not appropriate because convincing him is not satisfying him. Pacify usually involves force. Using words to convince someone is not force.


Inhospitable has lighter meaning than inimical. Inimical means hostile and harmful, but inhospitable only means unfriendly or unwelcome or unsuitable. Compare these two sentences, with its thin soil and long winters, the area is inhospitable to farming;?rapid population growth may be inimical to a country’s standard of living.?

Words from Mythology and History

Athens was famous for its long history and influence on the western world. We?were so glad to be in the company of?Nick, our?cicerone who was a nestor among the guide team. He?had?a stentorian voice, a good shape of body which reflected that he had led a spartan life. He said he was a jerk when he was a young man. He used to have a spirit of hedonism and was addicted to drugs and unhealthy private life. He also enjoyed hectoring his neighbours with his gang.? However, this sybaritic life did not last long?as his father was dead in a economic dispute. He bored all these losses with stoic calm which astounded her mother. He totally changed to be a new person.

September 17, 2017







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